General Andrology

The department of Andrology in South Tamil Nadu was started by Dr. T.R. Murali, with a series of talks in all IMAs over South Tamil Nadu and coducting workshops in Madurai. Andrology as a subject was introduced to all doctors practicing different specialties of medicine. There are few urologists who practice andrology as a specialty.

Andrology deals with several problems of the male including congenital disorders, hypospadias, intersex and gender related problems. It basically treats scientifically problems of Sexual desire, erection, ejaculation and orgasm in the male and desire, lubrication and orgasm in the female. Many of these problems can be Psychologic or Organic

The andrologist with a comprehensive history and laboratory tests decides if the problems are psychologic or organic. The tests can be evaluation of hormones, cholesterol complex, quantitation of erection by duplex Doppler with trimix intracorporeal injection or other tests. Problems of desire, erection, ejaculation and orgasm can be treated. Unconsummation of marriage is recognized and can be corrected. Shock wave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction - a novel technique of therapy without drugs and outpatient is available at RIRS.

Male Infertility

The department has the infrastructure to perform a comprehensive evaluation of all types of male factor infertility including chromosomal studies and karyotyping.
Microsurgery for varicoceles, vasectomy reversal and vasoepididymal obstructions had yielded satisfactory results. MESA, PESA, TESE are all currently available at our center after the introduction of ICSI. Laparoscopic correction of undescended testes is a novel addition to paediatric patients.
The Andrology center is the referral base for many gynecologists, physicians and urologists in southern Tamil Nadu in addition to referral from outside the state.

Treatment Options for Ejaculatory Disorders such as Premature Ejaculation and Retarded Ejaculation.

  • Counseling
  • Drugs
  • Vibratory therapy, with visual stimulation
  • Electroejaculation is used to ejaculate semen
  • when other options have not been successful

The Department of Andrology is the First Center in South India to have this facility. The sophisticated cryo unit makes it possible to freeze any ejaculate for use in another center.

Other andrological procedure performed in the center include correction of penile curvature, Peryonie's disease, corrective surgery for micropenis and undescended testes. The department has achieved total success in counseling patients whose marriages are unconsummated. The department of Andrology has also performed a few sex changes operations, Penile lengthening has been done in a dozen patients (penile augmentation) including glans augmentation.

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